(Picture by Krista Hawryluk, www.kristahawryluk.com )

At Across The Board we have a lot of couples that are coming in for a date night. What better way to spend an afternoon or evening together than enjoying each other’s company over a board game?

I have selected and explained tons of games for couples and would like to share my favourites with you. Some of them are specifically designed for 2, others play well with 2 even though one could play with more players.

So the next time you wonder what to do as a couple, consider playing a great game. You might just learn a few things about each other.


My go-to game for 2 players who would like to try something new that is both interesting but not too complicated. You are both making a quilt by placing differently shaped pieces of fabric on your quilting board. Whoever has the most bottons (points) at the end of the game wins. Charming and nice to look at. Great entry game.

Complexity: 2/5


This one is the quintessential romantic game. You and your partner are working together while answeing questions and disussing different topics. Lots of laughs and the chance to get to know each other better. The components and design are beautiful. Expansions are also avaialbe if you like to explore further.

Complexity: 3.5/5


A light card based game that has a lot of strategies to explore. Go on explorations by placing cards matching one of the 5 colours. Any new card has to be higher than the previous. Easy to learn. Hours of fun.

Complexity: 2/5


If you and your partner like abstract strategy games (like chess) then you will love this. You each control a colony if critters and you try to surround your opponent’s queen bee. Each bug has a different ability of movement. The pieces are nice and chunky and the game gets more interesting the more you play it.

Complexity: 2.5/5