You Think You Know Me


  • Ages: 13 and up
  • Players: 2-10
  • Playing Time: 20-40 min

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You know your friends through the photos, videos, and messages they post online, liking and favoriting them every day. But how well do you know them, really?

You Think You Know Me playfully tests how well you know your friends, giving you a chance to learn more about what they love and who they are. Each player starts with seven cards in hand, cards that say things like “I know that your secret talent is ________” or “I know that you would/wouldn’t want to live forever.” On a turn, you pick another player, play a card from hand, and say how you think they would answer the question. If you’re right, you discard the card; if not, you have to draw a new card and add it to your hand. Whoever first discards all their cards wins.

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