What Do You Meme?


  • Players: 3-18
  • Ages: 16 and up
  • Playing Time: 30-90 min

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How would you react if you:

– Accidentally farted loudly in an elevator full of strangers?
– Found out you were adopted?
– Were offered a sandwich with nothing but bacon and Nutella?

Lean more about yourself and others, as you guess and bet on the reactions to the wide variety of comic, and mind-boggling scenarios in ‘What do you meme?’ – or make up your own scenarios as the game progresses!

With illustrations based on popular internet memes such as “Me Gusta”, “Challenge Accepted” and “Rage Guy”, you choose one of 7 meme cards, as a reaction to a loud-read scenario. The other players must then guess and bet on your reaction, and you’ll bet on which of the other players you think has guessed it right.

Players will take turns to react clockwise around the table, and after 3 rounds of betting a maximum of 3 tokens, you’ll get the chance to catch up, or to obliterate the competition, by betting all of your accumulated cash from earlier rounds in the final, climatic 4th round where anything can happen!

Challenge accepted?

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