Vast Grimm: Blood Altared


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Strap in for a neon-drenched interstellar rescue mission! We’re plunging into the bowels of the universe to free the lead quantum scientist from the clutches of an elite sect of Devout freaks dead set on sacrificing her to THEY. Get ready to rock the Fatumite colony on K2-116B, where blood-soaked maps guide us through the Mausoleum of THEY and the twisted caverns lurking beneath. Arm up with weapons so rad they’d make your würms stand on end! With the universe hanging by a thread, dive into this punked-out, adrenaline-fueled cosmic mosh pit – it’s time to kick serious Devout ass!

Maps of the Mausoleum of THEY:
Enter into the ancient monolithic mausoleum where the infection of The Grimm all began. Stop the Devout Fatumites and save the quantum scientist, and maybe even the ‘verse!

Fatumite Colony Map:
Find ancient relics and unknown riches hidden in the blood-stained tents, that is if you can stand the stench of all the rotting corpses.

Caverns Below the Surface Map:
Plunge into the dank labyrinth beneath, where every twist and turn echoes with untold stories of death and decay.

Four Devout Specialized Classes:
For those wanting to usher in the end of times, brace yourself for 4 over-the-top Devout classes. From the würm worshiping Devo|Bot to the toxic-spewing Rotters, there is something new for you würm lovers!

New Weapons:
Arm yourself with once cutting-edge weaponry that might even still work! If nothing else, you’ll look like a badass.

New Tributes:
Discover new magickal tributes to harness! Breathe easy, shoot some electricity, and Frankenstein a human/würm hybrid!

New Creatures:
On a planetoid barely hospitable to humans, the creatures who thrive on K2-116B are unlike any others in the ‘verse.

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