The Magical World of Disney Trivia


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2,000 questions spanning Disney’s history from Steamboat Willie to 2022!.

Special pictures cards, and 3d sculpts, and deluxe character pawns make this a trivia game for the whole family to enjoy.

To Play:
Players take turns spinning the spinner and moving their detailed miniature. If they land on a colored square they try to answer the question. If they get it correct they get a colored paint splash (If they dont have that color yet) and get to roll again. Questions are available in Adult and Kids skill levels.
If a player lands on a swirly portal, they are able to transport to any of the locations they choose. Each color the player needs to collect has a special location to teleport to and try to earn the color.

First one to collect all the needed colors and make it to the end of the board, wins.

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