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Forged by the left hand of Nechrubel, bound in cured skin and soot-black wood, the ancient god-vessels known as IKHONs are detested by the Two-Headed Basilisks. Wielding their Powers, unfettering the Profane Profound shackled within is a serious heretical crime and whoever may carry these blackened shrines will be forever hunted by the inquisition. But perhaps it is worth it. IKHON is a mystery box for MÖRK BORG. A gaol keeping four almost-forgotten folk gods at bay; the Bilkherd, the Becklure, the Old Dead and the dreaded Silkfiend.  Those who dare commune with them are promised great rewards. But life and death go hand in hand and too small a sacrifice could be perceived as an insult. This gift could very well be a curse.

The box set will contain rules for unfettering the Profane Profound that can be added to either new or existing Mörk Borg campaigns. Each of the god-vessels have their own gifts and punishments bestowed upon adherents, depending on how these poor sods choose to wield the power gained from their communion.

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