• Ages: 14+
  • Playing Time: 30 min
  • Players: 2 and up

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How many Eastern European countries can you name in 60 seconds? More importantly, how many can you CLAIM to know?

In Humblebrag players will boast and brag their way through a variety of different trivia topics ranging from geography to literature to Simpsons characters in a game of one upmanship that always ends with one player putting their money where their mouth is and rattling off a list of names in an effort to beat the clock!

Humblebrag isn’t just about what you know it’s also in what you can convince other players of. In the game, players take turns playing topic cards and declaring a bid of how many of that topic they can name, as play continues other players must either play a new card and raise the bid or call the previous player to find out if their bid was a bluff or a boast! This game is one part Trivial Pursuit, one part BullSh*T, and all parts fun!

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