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Demon Dog is a role-playing game set in a medieval history that never was. You play “Dogs”, revenants that were snatched from purgatory by Demon Barons, seeking redemption and a pint. You’re not a hero now and you weren’t one before you lived, but you’re possibly making things better, or worse, or at the very least less boring.

You died. It’s very sad. Get over it.

Luckily for you, you negotiated with one of the six Demon Barons and you get to finish your unfinished business. Go get revenge, seek redemption and … um, oh yeah, you made a pact. You’d better do what the demon wants too.

As a ‘Demon Dog’, you get to wander the world, dealing with all those people who deserve a bit of a shoeing. There’s the Clergy and their Inquisitors that could do with tasting a head butt and they’ve got churches to burn. There’s the press that peddle lies to the gullible with an open ear and they might not like it if their scriveners get a wee bit stabbed. What about the toffee-nosed monarchy and their loud-mouthed guards, they might want to go home in an ambulance wagon. Give it some welly.

But don’t forget your Demon Baron needs stuff doing. Sometimes that’s a bit less fun; other times, it’s right up your street. Wayhey!

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