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Make board gaming with Across The Board the next event for your seniors group

Board Games are Timeless…

Across The Board is the perfect place to organize your next outing for your seniors group. Let us help you to make it a fun and exciting experience.
We offer a beautiful venue in Winnipeg’s historical exchange district that features a full kitchen and coffee house. But more importantly, we offer a selection of more than 1600 board games to choose from.
Our game experts are happy to help your group find the perfect game for an entertaining lunch or afternoon outing.

Would you prefer if we come to you? No problem. Across The Board On The Go will be happy to visit your seniors facility and entertain your patrons with some wonderful gaming choices.

Benefits of Board Gaming for Seniors

Encourages Social Interaction

Games can provide a vehicle for seniors to spend time with the people they love. Getting together with friends, children and grandchildren can help alleviate feelings of isolation, loneliness, and depression.

Stimulates The Mind

Board or card games can combat memory loss by enhancing cognitive skills. Working with numbers, letters, shapes, and words stimulates the brain by actively challenging it. 

Reduces Stress

Playing a fun game can relax the mind and the body. As a regular practice, gameplay can be a powerful tool in reducing stress and maintaining a sense of calm and focus.

Increases Dexterity

Moving game pieces or holding and shuffling cards can be a great way to exercise and strengthen one’s coordination; all in the context of a fun and relaxing activity.

Gaming for Seniors

For more information about the benefits of Board Gaming for Seniors, read Olaf’s article in our Blog

Group Packages

If you are planning an outing with a larger group we can recommend the following group packages to make your visit as smooth as possible. Of course, you can always order from our standard MENU if you prefer.

• A 48 hour notice is required for orders and cancellations. If needed with shorter notice contact the restaurant for availability.
• 15% gratuity will be added to any group package reservations
• Notice time needed subject to change at the restaurant’s discretion.

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