Warhammer Underworlds: The Grymwatch


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Brave. Resplendent. Noble. That’s how the Grymwatch see themselves – but the truth is far darker…

Meet Warhammer Underworlds’ latest warband – the deranged Grymwatch! Hailing from the Flesh-eater Courts, these demented ghouls have come to Beastgrave in search of a great beast that lies at the living mountain’s heart, and they’ll happily eat anyone who gets in their way.

These are some of the most characterful ghouls we’ve ever seen, and the first Crypt Ghouls designed specially for the Mortal Realms! The scale of Warhammer Underworlds has allowed the Warhammer team to go all out on customizing each member of the warband. Some wield terrifying improvised weaponry as a mockery of more organized soldiery, and each wears distinctive (and disturbing) regalia fashioned from flesh, rags and bone that act as a dark mirror to reflect how they see themselves.

For Flesh-eater Courts and Warhammer Underworlds fans, these models will be a cracking addition Like all other warbands, they’ll have a warscroll that lets you use them in your battles for the Mortal Realms.

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