• Ages: 8 and up
  • Players: 1-12
  • Playing Time: 30 min

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Scatter, also known as Finska, is a wooden lawn bowling style game similar to other Scandinavian skittle throwing games. Players take turns throwing a wooden cylinder from behind a line at numbered wooden pins (known as skittles), trying to score points by knocking them down. At the start of the game, these pins are all grouped together, but as they get knocked over they are stood back up wherever they are on the ground, thus spreading them out throughout the game and allowing for more challenging and valuable targets.

If a player knocks down multiple pins, they score a number of points equal to the total number of pins knocked down (i.e. if someone knocks over 3 pins on their turn, they receive 3 points regardless of the numbers printed on the pins). If a player knocks over a single pin, they score points equal to the number on that pin. To win the game, a player must reach exactly 50 points before anyone else, and if they go over 50 points, their score is reduced to 25 and they continue playing. Players can also be eliminated if they completely miss 3 consecutive throws in a row, adding a bit of risk to attempting trickier shots.

This version comes in a cardboard box, with a canvas carrying bag included.


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