Jurassic Park Danger!


  • Ages: 10 and up
  • Players: 2-5
  • Playing Time: 50 mins

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“Hold onto your butts!” This Jurassic Park™ light strategy game, set in the chaotic scene of Isla Nublar, will take you on the adventure of your life! One player controls the T. rex, Dilophosaurus, and Velociraptor, prowling through the jungle to attack the humans. The remaining players work as the team of iconic characters from the classic Jurassic Park™ film to fight against the player controlling the dinosaurs. When a Human Character is defeated by the Dinosaurs, they can immediately reanimate as a brand new character. But be careful, if the Dinosaurs defeat three Human Characters, the Dinosaurs win. If the players controlling the Human Characters manage to get three Characters off the island to safety, those players win!

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