Call of the Wild


  • Ages: 8 et plus, 8 and up
  • Players: 3-6
  • Playing Time: 5-15 min

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Call of the Wild is a short, fast-paced action game of trust and betrayal in which players make mythical animal noises instead of talking.

Each player takes a pack of 10 cards and draws 2. Any and all players may then place one of these cards face-down on the table and make one of the 5 animal sounds. If two players are both making the same “call” they may choose to meet and reveal their cards. If they were both being honest, the animals mate and each player scores 1 point. However if one player has an animal other than the one he was representing (he was “hunting”), then he may eat the other player’s animal and score 2 points while the other player scores 0.

There are two primary counters to a player who is hunting. First, you choose whom to meet with and whom not to. If a player has lost the trust of the other players she will have a hard time getting them to meet with him and cannot score. Second, you can “double-cross” a player: if you think he is trying to eat you, play the animal that eats his animal!

When one player has used her last card the game is over. Whoever has scored the most points wins!

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