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  • Players: 3-5
  • Ages: 8 and up
  • Playing Time: 15 min

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To start the game, each player takes three dice in a single color, a claim card, and eight blitz tokens. Each round, three to five plus/minus cards are laid out based on the number of players, with +1 being the highest value and -2 being the lowest. Task cards are then laid out below each plus/minus card other than the -2; these task cards show either a sum or an image of three dice with specific pip values. Once the cards are in place, players start rolling their dice simultaneously, setting aside any they want to save while trying to match what’s shown on one of the task cards.

As soon as a player meets a task with her dice, she can throw her claim card on it, which prevents others from claiming that task. Once all but one player have claimed a task, the round ends. Whoever failed to complete a task loses two blitz tokens, while everyone else loses one, holds onto the same amount, or gains one based on the plus/minus card associated with their completed task.

Players then set up a new round by dealing out new task cards and rolling dice once again. When a player has to return a blitz token but is unable to do so, the game ends and whoever holds the most blitz tokens wins.

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