It is time to go on an adventure, everyone!


While many of us are spending more time at home, we want to make sure that we can still have fun with others.

For the time being,  Across The Board is offering an online option to enjoy the exciting adventures in the world of D&D.

These sessions are specifically designed for children but parents are welcome to join in.

Sessions will be in the mornings at 10AM from Wednesday to Friday, and in the afternoons at 2PM on Fridays

The morning sessions are recommended for people of ages 8 to 10, parents included. Afternoon sessions are for all ages.

Tickets can be purchased online for $15 per player/character. After the purchase you will receive an event link around 30 minutes before the event.

We recommend that each player has access to their own computer (laptop or desktop) for optimal gaming experience and that they use an updated version of either Firefox or Google Chrome as their internet browser.
Speakers or headphones, and a microphone are required. Please test your speakers and microphone before the session.

 We use both Roll20 and Discord for our sessions. They are both easy to use and do not require any dowloading, all can be done through an internet browser. Has all the tools and materials we need to run D&D, while Discord is commonly used by D&D players as a chat room to talk to each other.

For any additional questions, clarifications or requests, please contact [email protected]


Get your tickets here:


Monday – Friday 10AM – 12PM

How it works:


a) Go to

b) Create a free account. Link is on the welcome page on the left side.

c) After you purchased your ticket(s) we will send you an email, around 30 minutes before the session, with a Roll20 link to join the game and a Discord link so that we can talk to each other.

d) Click on it and you are ready to join the fun.