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Tuesday – Thursday and Sunday
11am – 10pm

Friday and Saturday

Monday – Closed

211 Bannatyne Ave
(Main and Bannatyne)

(204) 691-3422

$2 parking available after 6:00PM

Game Of The Week


Move your ants across a forest while trying to evade the spiders from above.
A very charming game for 2-4 players, ages 6 and up. Great for children, families or the young at heart.

PIC-OMINO $19.99 (Regular 24.99)

Light but addictive dice rolling game for 2-7 players.

Try to get the most worms at a chicken BBQ.

A push your luck game that is fun for all ages.

Weekly $10 Lunch Special

ATB Casserole.

Made with bratwurst sausages, bacon, veggies and potatoes. All served with local baked toast. Only $10

Fresh and delicious!

Board Game Mingle Night

TUESDAY, May 2nd; 6-9PM

Looking for new friends?
Come join us for our bi-weekly mingles night.

A great way to meet some wonderful people over fun games.


Must Play for 2: SANTORINI

Very few games are that elegant. This extremely charming game for 2 (although you could play with 3 or 4) is extremely easy to learn but challenging strategically. Players move one of their two workers to a neighbouring space and then built a level of a 3 level...

The Rose King – Great Game for 2

In this strategic game, one player commands the House of York and the other, the House of Lancaster. The players use their power cards to bring territories under their control, aiming to keep their territories as contiguous as possible. Who will be crowned England’s new king?

Great Game To Try: SAMURAI

This classic game is a wonderful choice for 2-4 players that do not want to learn too many rules but still enjoy a deeper strategy game. Each player tries to gain influences over 3 casts in Japan by placing a chip on the board with the goal of surrounding and...

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